Who is Sydne Jane Michel?

Sydne Jane Michel was born in Modesto California. She moved to Ithaca, New York with her family as a very young child. A few years later she landed back in West Los Angeles to attend elementary school. Sydne grew up in humble surroundings and overcame difficult and challenging circumstances to succeed in life. Her parents divorced when she was very young, leaving her to live only with her often absent father.  Family finances were dire, and she was left largely to take care of herself. Sydne buckled down, studied hard, got good grades, and put herself through college at UCLA. After college Sydne worked as an actress for ten years, appearing in independent and feature films like Carrie, Inner Space and The Killing Zone, in TV shows like Empty Nest, Alfred Hitchcock Presents and Quincy, and in commercials and numerous plays.
Sydne put herself through Loyola Law School, clerked at the Los Angeles United States Attorney’s Office and the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office, and started her legal career when she graduated in 1995. She has lived in California for all her adult life.
Sydne is a self-made woman who appreciates the opportunities that life offered her to overcome the challenges she faced. She believes that with hard work and tenacity people can create opportunities and make the most of difficult circumstances

Sydne is currently the Senior Deputy City Prosecutor for the cities of Redondo Beach and Hermosa Beach. She has served as a criminal prosecutor for over ten years, and prosecuted hundreds of cases during that time. She is highly regarded as an exceptionally well-skilled trial lawyer, and trains and coaches other lawyers in mastering trial advocacy.

Sydne is uniquely qualified to serve as a Judge because in addition to her years of experience working as a criminal prosecutor, she has also worked as a civil litigator and criminal defense attorney. For over ten years she worked at one of the most respected and largest law firms in the country; Kirkland & Ellis LLP. She was made a Partner at Kirkland & Ellis LLP, and was honored by being given the position as Chair of the pro bono program there. This position gave her the opportunity to provide free legal assistant to the less fortunate.

All of these experiences have given Sydne a well-balanced perspective on the legal and criminal justice system, and will make her a tough but fair Judge who will work hard to keep society safe.

Sydne graduated cum laude and with honors from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). She graduated, again with honors, from Loyola Law School in 1995.

Sydne has been married to Chuck Michel for 20 years. Together they have two children.

Sydne has retained David Gould as her campaign consultant and treasurer.

Sydne Jane Michel is an experienced criminal prosecutor
with a vision for a better Los Angeles