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"Michel is a seasoned Redondo Beach prosecutor who has the presence to command a courtroom while still respecting the lawyers appearing before her. She is a better choice than [the other two candidates for judicial office No. 16]"

- Los Angeles Times, Judicial Endorsements, May 12, 2018


"Sydne Michel will be a true asset to the bench. Based upon her extensive experience as a civil attorney and prosecutor, I am proud to endorse her and to give her my vote."

— Hon. Steve Cooley - Former District Attorney for Los Angeles County

“Redondo Beach Senior Deputy Prosector Sydne Jane Michel stands out in this race. Intelligent, poised, and straight-to-the-point, she would excel as a judge.”

- Metropolitan News, Los Angeles, May 16, 2018

“Sydne Jane Michel respects the rule of law and the constitution, and understands the need to be fair but tough on violent criminals. She will help keep our streets safer. ”

— Los Angeles Police Protective League

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Sydne Jane Michel currently serves as a criminal prosecutor for the cities of Redondo Beach and Hermosa Beach. She has been employed as a prosecutor for Redondo Beach since 2006, and as a prosecutor for Hermosa Beach as well since 2014. In 2009, she was promoted to Senior Deputy City Prosecutor for Redondo Beach. She got her first prosecutorial experience back in 1995. She manages a heavy caseload, and has prosecuted thousands of criminal cases of all kinds through conviction, including serious violent crimes, sexual assault and gang crimes.

Sydne has a well-earned reputation for being a tough but fair prosecutor. She is well known for her dedication, high standards of excellence, honesty and trial advocacy skills. Her broad experience ranges from working with police when a case is first investigated, to when a case is first filed in court, and throughout the court system all the way through the process to trial, and on appeal if necessary.

The legal community throughout Los Angeles is well aware of her successes and accomplishments. She has earned the respect of her colleagues for her commitment, fairness, work ethic and integrity. She often mentors younger lawyers, particularly on legal writing, trial advocacy skills and legal ethics.

In addition to her years of experience working as a criminal prosecutor, Sydne is unique among her peers because she has also worked as a criminal defense attorney and as a civil litigator while employed at one of the most respected and largest law firms in the country; Kirkland & Ellis. She managed several legal teams at the firm, and in recognition of her good work there, Sydne earned a position as a Partner. She was also put in charge of the firm’s pro bono assistance program, managing a legal team that provided free legal services to those in need.

Her time at this international law firm when she started her legal career provided Sydne with a unique and rare range of experience, perspective and insight into all aspects of the operation of both the criminal and civil courts. Very few judicial candidates have that breadth of experience across the legal system. That broad experience will serve her well if she is elected as a judge.

She deserves and asks for your support and vote.


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If Elected...

I will use my 23 years of experience across the criminal and civil court systems to bring valuable perspective to the bench.

In my many years as a prosecutor, I have sometimes had to administer justice harshly to protect society. Judges must also be tough on criminals to protect society from criminal predators. That will be my top priority.  But sometimes a judge (or prosecutor) must understand and appreciate individual circumstances. At times, justice and the law calls for mercy.

I believe that a judge should not legislate from the bench, nor let politics or bias influence judicial decision making. Judges enforce the law and must respect the constitution, regardless of their personal opinions. 

I am honored and energized to have the opportunity to seek such an important position. Los Angeles County deserves to have judges who are experienced, trusted, balanced, and dedicated to equal access to justice for all.

I ask for your support and vote.


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